Delta 8 Infused CBG White Flower

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Our Delta 8 flower is known to be some of the best in the industry. We really care about our process and we do not put profit over process. While other brands flood the market with low-grade garbage hemp soaked in dirty Delta 8, WE only use the highest quality, locally grown flower that has been hand trimmed and perfectly cured.


* Due to state laws we cannot sell smokable hemp to GA, HI, IN, SD, IA, UT, MI
** The following states do not allow any Delta 8 sales: AK, AZ, AR, CO, DE, ID, IA, MI, RI, UT, or MT

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Hemp Flower infused with 17-22% Delta 8 THC.


  • Delta 8 Flower is NOT a strain of flower.
  • Sconi Boys uses a mixture of CBG flower grown right here is Wisconsin
  • CBG is generally a dryer flower.  We use it because it naturally has a lower Delta-9 THC content- which is important when used with Delta 8,  in order to stay compliant (under 0.3% D9)
  • We do not “spray” our flower with D8.  We have found that spraying beats up the flower and removes the natural trichomes
  • We do not heat up the flower as this causes excessive drying in a flower that is already naturally dry
  • We use small buds as they coat more evenly.  Nothing worse than paying for a large bud stem and opening the large bud to find that the D8 has not been able to get to it
  • This is NOT weed.  So please don’t expect it to be. Consistency & taste will be a bit different.

Our unique process provides for the best Delta 8 flower on the market

Each jar is childproof. Be careful where you pull it out because it’s indistinguishable from its psychoactive cousin.

Enjoy responsibly

Packaging: Clear Glass Container with wooden acacia top

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Additional information

Weight 7 g

Single Glass Jar (7g), Refill Bag (7g), Mylar Bag (1/2 lb.)


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Delta 8 Flower that packs a punch!

Our delta 8 flower is not like our competitors. We use high quality bud, thats been properly cured and hand trimmed. 

We use custom made glass jars with wooden lids mad from Acacia, you will want to keep these.

We take the infusion process very seriously. Our process has taken a long time to perfect, uses no solvents or thinners, and maintains the taste and small of the the flower. We strive for maximum potency, without sacrificing the traits that make our flower so special. We don’t want to give the competition any tips on how to duplicate our product, but rest assured that absolutely nothing is added to the flower or distillate to make the infusion process any easier.

Delta 8 flower is manufactured. Delta 8 is not found in high enough concentrations to be effective, it needs to be added. There are many ways to do this, most of which are really rough on the plant. Some people are mixing the distillate with Ethanol (grain alcohol) to thin it enough that they can spray it through a paint sprayer. Another method, involves using volatile solvents like pentane as a thinning agent because it boils at room temperature. Properly purged products are fine, the gas or solvent has been boiled off. Unfortunately, when money is on the line, many people rush and there are many reports of customers opening a bag of Delta 8 flower and getting a blast of chemicals in the face. You will never experience any of these issues with us.

Delta 8 flower THC levels

This is where we really shine. Most of the companies that sell D8 Flower don’t post a test of the treated flower. Whether its because they are too cheap to pay for tests or, well, I don’t know why but I have to assume it’s because the end product is not as potent as they would like you to believe. If a company only posts tests of their distillate, what they are saying is “Hey, the main ingredient is OK, so whatever we make with it must be OK too”.  Sure thing.  When making Delta 8 flower, the goal is to apply as much D8 as possible without destroying the flower. Most producers shoot for 15-20% coverage. I have never personally seen a test of flower that is higher than 16%, until today.