Delta 8 Vape Carts – Sugar Cookie

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Our Sconi Girl carts are all about sweets and bakery flavors.  The sugar cookie is one of our best sellers and food reason!  Enjoy this Delta 8 vape cart with uplifting terpenes.

Wash stress and other ailments away with our Sconi Original and Sconi girl carts.  Our Delta 8 THC vape cartridge are derived from hemp and come in a high quality Unite cart with unscrew-able tops and ceramic core.   Each cart contains a blend of Natural and Cannabis Derived Terpenes.  We use no cutting agents or fillers and have full panel, 3rd party testing.


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Delta 8 carts that put Wisconsin on the map! We make every product in the Sconi Boys brand with the highest quality material.  Our formulators understand the power of Terpenes and we have made blends to fit any situation. These vape carts are not for beginners, each contains 800+ mg of Delta 8 derived from Industrial Hemp. Sconi Boys use no cutting agents or fillers, just pure distillate (90%-95%) and a blend of cannabis and other natural terpenes (5%-10%) for flavor and thickness.

Our Sconi Original carts are for those who enjoy traditional cannabis strains.  If you are up for something a bit more sweeter, we have you covered with our Sconi Girl cartridges.  Check out our terpene cart profiles to find a blend for any situation.

* The following states do not allow any Delta 8 sales: AK, AZ, AR, CO, DE, ID, IA, MI, RI, UT, or MT

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Weight 1 g
Strain / Flavor

Sour Tangie Original, Green Crack Original, Hawaiian HazeOriginal, Skittles Original, Lemon Sloth Original, Love Buzz Sconi Girl, Sugar Cookie Sconi Girl, Rolling Dough Sconi Girl, Bro Slap Sconi Girls, No Terps


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