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Please respect all cannabinoids and take them seriously. THCO has a longer ramp up time, so, approximately 20 minutes. Therefore, most people choose to pair it with Delta 8. 



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You asked, we delivered. Some of the strongest THC-O on the market, and it’s <.3 Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC.  Users of THC-O have been reporting intense, sometime psychedelic experiences, including visuals and a feeling of becoming “one” with the universe.

THC-0 is a new product for the market. We made it from hemp derived distillate. User experience shows that THC-O hits at around 20 minutes and slowly climbs for approximately an hour.  Effects dwindle at around hour 3.  EACH PERSON IS DIFFERENT AND RESULTS MAY VARY. some people report THC-O is relaxing with an edge. A body buzz.
Our THCO-Acetate is tested by KCA labs,. This test does not look like the typical lab test you are used to seeing. Typically, a lab has a ‘standard’ to review and compare with the sample. Since THCO is so new, there isn’t much to compare it with. Most commercial testing labs are not set up to test for THC-O. For the time being, KCA is the gold standard for analytical testing/
START SLOW!!. This is pure THC-O, not mixed with other cannabinoids, with 5% terpenes for flavoring.  THC-O is viscous, but not nearly as difficult to work with as Delta 8. When cool, THCO-A has the consistency of toothpaste. THC-O is a “creeper”, too much can feel extremely unpleasant.

What is THC-O Acetate?

THC-O is not new, but it new to the consumer market, and quickly rising in popularity Some elements of THC-O are much stronger than Delta 8 THC or Delta 9 THC. The US Government first discovered THC-O Acetate and conducted some tests to see whether THC-O Acetate would be effective as a non-lethal crowd control solution.. THCO-A tests were conducted on dogs. Reports said that it didn’t knock the dogs out, but it did cause a loss of muscle control. While we do not condone ever giving intoxicants to animals, there are some funny reports about the dogs wandering around the base.


Is THC-O Acetate Legal?

Yes, it is legal. If you have been buying Delta 8 for a while, you have undoubtedly read about the 2018 farm bill, much of which is unqualified speculation on both sides. As more and more states ban Delta 8, for ridiculous reasons, this wording becomes more and more important. This is important for THCO. Mathew Guenther states: ” The Farm Bill legally defines hemp as all parts of cannabis plants (that contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC), including isomers and derivatives. Delta-8 is both an isomer and a derivative. THC-O Acetate is not an isomer but is legally protected because it is, in fact, a derivative. I am very involved in the legal aspects of hemp, so I believe it’s essential to focus on the law’s language.” Again, this is one person’s opinion and interpretation, but if correct, this could indicate that THCO-A could live on if Delta 8 is banned/regulated.


THC-O acetate ester is synthesized from THC or from THCA. The acetylation of THC does not change the properties of the compound to the same extent as with other acetate esters, as the parent compound (THC) is already highly lipophilic, but it increased potency to some extent.[This derivative of THC is notable because it is one of the few analogues of THC to be marketed as a recreational drug sold and used in a highly pure smokable form.

Is THC-O Strong?

Absolutely! THC-O is no joke and is not for beginners. THC-O is a creeper, taking 20 minutes to come on. DO NOT REDOSE BEFORE YOU KNOW YOUR LEVEL. Users report that after 20 minutes, a fast rush comes on, and continues on for about an hour, with the entire experience lasting around 4 hours. Most people seem to prefer it mixed with something else like Delta 8 because you can have the body and the head.

THC-O Dosage

Dosage of cannabinoids is a highly (see what I did there?) personal preference. As THC products become more and more concentrated, it is important that you always start very small and find your level. Having a green out sucks, bad.

THC-O Dangers or Warnings

DO NOT OVER DO IT. Your tolerance to D8 or D9 has no bearing on this and if you think you are immune, you will be a very unhappy person. 

THC-O is not widely accepted, so recreational reports are rare. Creating an acetate is common, and many people are very excited about the analgesic qualities of THC-O. That being said, if you buy THC-O from us, or anyone else, you need to abide by certain rules to avoid hurting someone or yourself.
1. Never give it to anyone that thinks it’s D8 or D9, it is not.
2. Do not re-dose right away because you think you dont feel something. 20 minutes, you can do it.
3. No driving, flying, diving, or skiing. Enjoy THC-O in a safe spot until you are familiar with it.

* The following states do not allow any Delta 8 sales: AK, AZ, AR, CO, DE, ID, IA, MI, RI, UT, or MT


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