Quality Hemp Products from Wisconsin

At Sconi Boys proudly stands up for the things we believe in: honesty, empathy, and doing things right the first time. Our materials our locally sourced in Wisconsin. We don’t use harsh chemicals or unnecessary additives. Our goals is to provide real benefits for all of our customers. Good Enough to Bring Home to Momma. Taste the difference.


Discover the power of flower. Heal your mind & body

Cannabis Terpenes, CBDA Resin, Delta 8, CBN, CBG, CBC

It doesn’t get any better than Sconi Boys Jam.  Natural as it gets.  Taste and feel the power of the plant.  An ENTOURAGE. This is the real deal.  Dab it. Put it in a Blunt. Eat it. This is a customer favorite and for good reason. Once you try this Jam you’ll never go back.

What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 has quickly become recognized for its many positive effects felt by users. We are from Wisconsin, a “dry” state and the people of our state have stated overwhelmingly that they want legalization in our state, unfortunately, politicians rarely do care what their constituents think. For now, Wisconsin has said that they realize that Delta 8 is derived from Hemp and is fully approved under the 2018 farm bill. All of our Delta 8 is tested multiple times, 100% federally compliant with .3% or less THC, and all of our products are fully tested by a DEA registered lab. Have confidence that anything you buy from us has passed strict tests and is of absolute quality.






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Keeping your children and our planet healthy

Nothing is more important than loved ones; Here at Sconi Boys we are committed to keeping them safe.  Most of our packages are child-resistant and we are striving to have 100% child (and pet) resistant by June 2021.  In addition, the majority of our packaging is earth friendly. Our flower and pre-roll tubes are glass. When glass breaks down, it remains safe and stable, and releases no harmful chemicals into the soil. Even when glass isn’t recycled, it does minimal harm to the environment. The material we use for our gummies are 100% USDA Certified Biobased Content – made from plant-bases carbohydrates. We continue to excel and improve – check back often and see what we do next

White CBG Flower


Experience something other than CBD.  CBG, the mother of all cannabinoids, has fresh scent of vanilla. Grown here in Wisconsin, the white trichromes calm the soul, while the mind stays alert and active.

CBG works by binding to both our receptors, strengthening the function of anandamide, a neurotransmitter that plays a role in enhancing pleasure and motivation, regulating appetite and sleep, and alleviating pain.

7 Gram Jars* up to 1lb in mylar bags

*Current jar top is black or white. Real acacia wood expected release mid-June

* Due to state laws we cannot sell smokable hemp to GA, HI, IN, SD, IA, UT, MI
** The following states do not allow any Delta 8 sales: AK, AZ, AR, CO, DE, ID, IA, MI, RI, UT, or MT



Sconi (Ska-ah-Nee) Boys (and Girls) hail from Wisconsin, home to some of the best bikes, beers, and legendary farmland in the nation. Agriculture is an important part of Wisconsin with plants that support physical and emotional support and healing. Hemp is one of those plants. We don’t give a damn how others do things. We are a small but fierce company. We proudly stand up for the things we believe in: honesty, empathy, and doing things right the first time.


With new innovations and industry growth, we strive to be at the forefront of new technology.  One way we do this is by continuous improvements of our brand, our process, our hardware, and our partnerships.  A good product starts with a good plant and we partner with some of the best growers in the industry.  With in house processing we are able to assure superior quality, consistency, and effectiveness.  We use independent testers, from all walks of life, to try our products before they go to market. You know when you use our product you are getting the best.

Community Conscious

We are a woman owned family business.  Our goals is to provide real benefits for all of our customers. We use all-natural terpenes. We care about our communities and the environment.  That is why we strive for education and awareness surrounding cannabis, specifically Delta-8.

We are striving to be Earth Friendly as we continue our transition to eco-friendly packaging.  Clear labels, warning, and child-resistant packaging is also extremely important to us.  We believe in only giving our very best.

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