Our Story

Agriculture is an important part of Wisconsin with plants that support physical and emotional support and healing. Hemp is one of those plants. We don’t give a damn how others do things. We are a small but fierce woman and family-owned company. We proudly stand up for the things we believe in: honesty, empathy, and doing things right the first time.

We pride ourselves on QUALITY products. We use only the best raw materials – from Wisconsin farmers, of course!

Our products don’t contain harsh chemicals or unnecessary additives. Our goals is to provide real benefits for all of our customers. We use all-natural terpenes. Just pure goodness. Taste the difference.

Sconi Boys was started by Ben & Aryn Pipkin, along with trusted partners and friends. Finding their own relief from stress and anxiety with CBD products, they wanted to help other turn to nature over pharmaceuticals.  As a licensed clinical social worker with over 15 years in the field, Aryn witnessed first hand hundreds of people struggling with with mental health issues, physical pain, and addiction along with the side effects of not having proper treatment.  From hands in dirt on the farm, shadowing legendary OGs, reading tons of studies and journals, to standard college education, Aryn and Ben have worked for the past five years in the industry. Out of the love for the plant they created Sconi Boys, vowing to make quality products while being socially responsible, honest, and transparent. Working to help improve not only the lives of individuals, but our communities.

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