Delta 8 CBG Flower Kief


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Kief is those tiny shimmers of crystals found on cannabis plants. These resin glands contain all the terpenes and cannabinoids of the plant.  Now you can get Delta 8 THC infused kief on its own.  Our kief comes directly from Wisconsin farmers who dry sift the CBG flower. We then use our Delta 8 infusion technology to create an evenly coated, highly potent D8, full-spectrum product.

Kief is in the form of a fine powder and the possibilities of use are endless.   Add the Delta 8 kief to your favorite recipe, make your own hash, roll your flower in it, add it a joint, or even smoke it on its own.

Now comes in disc for easier handling!






CBG Keif
Delta 8 CBG Flower Kief
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