Palm Wrapped, HD-THC Blunts – 5 Pack


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Our specially crafted hemp blunts are hand-packed with two full grams of the best CBD and CBG hemp floor in each joint.  The Delta 8  and THC-O specialty blend creates outstanding effects with a rich, flavorful taste.

Each box of five blunts comes wrapped in a palm leaf or hemp wrap.  Choose plain or flavored. Our 100% eco-friendly, child-resistant box is of the highest quality- offering freshness for each smoke.

These blunts make for a great present – a new twist on the traditional cigar! Celebrate a new baby, give as a gift for a wedding or bachelor party, take out for a special night with friends, or just chill and watch Netflix on a Friday night.

Now offering customized labels for special events with bulk purchases(please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery on custom boxes)

Palm Wrapped, HD-THC Blunts – 5 Pack
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