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THCO Hash is here!

Our Delta 8 was some of the first, and definitely the best, HD-THC Hash on the market. When we decided it was time to raise the bar again, HD-THCO was the obvious choice, but THCO is not nearly as thick as Delta 8 THC, this would be a challenge.

Our hash-making process is unique and makes our product not only stand out but also stand on its own. We don’t make knock-offs or substitutes, we take pride in what we do and it shows.


How is THCO Hash made?

We have several different methods for making our hash, all are done by hand. Hash-making is an art, making something that looks, tastes, and feels like the real mcoy isn’t not easy. When we get emails from customers in “legal states” telling us that our hash is better than the real thing, we know we are on to something.

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THCO hashish made with our HD-THC, a blend of cannabinoids with medicinal and recreational benefits. High quality, locally sourced, CBG Flower is the source.

Our THCO Hash is full spectrum, with multiple major and minor cannabinoids. CBG, AKA the mother of all cannabinoids, thought to be effective for pain relief caused from inflammation. Combined with the potent punch of THCO, the sleep-inducing CBN, and enhanced with CBC and Delta 8, our THCO hash will put you right where you need to be.

Consume with usual methods (Hot knife, Under Glass, Mixed with Smoking material) and can also be used in cooking.


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1 Gram, 5 Grams


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