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Here at Sconi Boys, we work with retailers of all sizes. Whether you run a retail store, have your own massage practice, or you help people improve their health through personal training or therapy, we can offer the right products. We grow with you. Our low minimums and bulk cannabis products area appealing to family owned and start up companies. We also offer bulk buys and can scale up to large corporations.

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Our top of the line bulk hemp products and quality packaging is unmatched. Your customers will appreciate the quality and care.  We use local raw materials and have 3rd party testing done by the Nation’s leading labs.  We use responsible packaging that is child-resistant and earth friendly.

Common Questions

How do I order?

Once you are registered and approved, you can order right from our order form. If you want more of a personal touch, you can call us. After placing your order, we send you a personalized payment link.

What are the requiremets?

All retailers must complete an online application and be approved. We accept both online stores and well as brick and mortar. You must be located in a state where Delta 8 and/or other hemp products are currently legal. You must be over the age of 21. We do not ship out of the USA. Although not required, we strongly suggest you also have a registered business. Your shop must include an age gate feature and have the required warnings somewhere displayed

What is the lead time on orders?

We strive to keep our processing and fulfillment time less than five business days, plus shipping time. If you have a special order or extremely large order and we feel it might take longer, we will contact you. If you need a rush order, please contact us directly for information.

Is there a min order size?

We require an order size of $300. Other than that, there are no monthly or other obligations.

Do you offer net-30 terms?

We do offer limited terms. In order to qualify, the retailer must be located in Wisconsin, have a verifiable LLC or other corporation, and can net up to $300. For more information, please contact us directly

What are the steps?

1. Complete our online registration form.

2. We will review your registration and reach out if we have questions

3. Once approved, we will send you are order form. Simply email back the form or you can contact us to get started.

4. We will review your order, and contact you if we have any questions, or if you have special request

5. We sent a payment link

5. Products are shipped to you

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