Worry Less Packaging

Quality, child-resistant, Earth-friendly, food-grade, worry free packaging so you can breath a bit easier.

Top Shelf

Our flower isn’t the only thing top shelf. Sconi Boys food-grade, borosilicate glass jars are in a league all of their own. These jars keep the flower fresh and smelling great, while the glassware style foreshadows the amazing quality flower inside.  Plus, they are chid resistant!

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Micropore Ceramic


Pyrex Glass


Stainless Steal


Quality Matters

We only you the best and that includes our vape carts. Sconi Boys uses the 510 thread Unite EV1-C Cartridge. Unite is a United States company that manufacturers to the strictest protocols, using the highest grade materials available in our RoHS and GMP certified facilities. Their attention to detail ensures the most reliable cartridges on the market while providing prolific vapor of true to strain flavor profiles. The Stainless Steel center post guarantees heavy metal compliance worldwide while its pyrex glass ensures the quality of your fine oils through its crystal clear tank. The micropore ceramic coil gently vaporizes the oils so you taste the authentic flavor profiles of the cannabis plant. It’s bold. It’s robust. It’s classic.