How do I use distillate?

I just bought some awesome distillate from Sconi Boys but I have NO idea what to even do with it…

Don’t worry. Sconi Boys wants you to be able to enjoy their distillate to your satisfaction. There are tons of different things you can use to enjoy your distillate, regardless if you ordered it with or without terpenes

First, let’s explain terpenes. With Delta 8, there are no true Indica or Sativa strains.

I know what the box says, but it only has terpenes added to it. Terpenes are derived from the hemp plant as well as can be replicated with other safe chemicals to produce similar flavor and effect profiles. Indica strains are known for being sleep and hunger-inducing. This is where you hear about being “couch-locked”. Your brain slows down a little bit, which would be great for reducing anxiety. Sativa strains are typically more energizing and do not typically make you as hungry. These strains will make you feel uplifted and explore your imagination, perhaps spark your creativity. You can also find hybrid strains that combine both medicinal effects, to best suit your needs. 

Sconi Boys stay true to their word. Their distillate is consistent with their strain name, from my experience I have very much enjoyed the taste as I vaped it as well as the effects associated with the added terpene strain. Their Sour Tangie, Love Buzz, and Lemon Sloth have all been very enjoyable. Regardless if you ordered an Indica or a Sativa, let’s get you using your distillate. If you did not order distillate without terpenes, I wouldn’t generally recommend vaping it without adding terpenes yourself. There are hundreds of terpenes sources online, the best way to mix in the terpenes is on a hot plate with a magnetic stirrer. 

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Sconi Boys sells their distillate in glass containers. These are great because they are easy to heat up. Delta 8 THC distillate is naturally very hard and sticky. You will need to heat the distillate to transfer it into a device for you to vape with. You will also need some sort of rubbing alcohol to clean with, you will likely find yourself with sticky distillate on your hands and containers. 

If you are just getting started and do not feel like investing much in the DIY process or are looking to DIY on a budget, you can heat your glass container under hot water for several minutes.

A more effective and easier method is putting it on a hot plate, which is available on Amazon. Once the distillate is thin and can be moved around easily, you want to use a syringe to transfer it into your device. Please revisit the previous blog to learn about the different devices you can use to dab with. One of the most popular methods is a simple dab pen cartridge. You can purchase these at your local head shop for a pretty decent or online. My favorite device is the Vaporesso SWAG 2 NRG with .5 ohm GT Ceramic CCELL coils.  


What if I don’t want to vape my distillate?

Perfect, you can eat it! If you wish to eat it, you don’t necessarily need to heat it. You can take a dab tool and take out the amount of distillate you want. I would recommend putting it on an mg scale to measure out your dose. You can get one on Amazon, it is worth it because you don’t want to eat too much. Make sure you stay hydrated, I can’t stress that enough, Delta 8 THC can give you a headache if you don’t have enough water. I recommend starting with 10 mg of distillate for the first time if you are not experienced. From there you can work your way up to 25 mg. Once you’re comfortable you can take as much as you need. Tolerance does build up fairly quickly compared to Delta 9 THC so I recommend trying to space out the days you eat distillate or at least take occasional breaks if you wish to get the same effect from your medicine. The easiest method to eat distillate is putting it on top of a spoon with peanut butter. The peanut butter has fat in it that will help you digest it better, any fatty substance would work well, but the point here is not to eat it on an empty stomach, you want fat. MCT is also very popular in tinctures, you can also have a dropper of that. 

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If you want to infuse your food with Delta 8 THC, one option is infusing olive oil with your medicine and cooking with it.

You will need a hot plate with a magnetic spinner. Put your olive oil in a glass beaker and add in your distillate and mix. You can also do this with honey as well as other liquids. Just make sure it is heated and mixed well enough. And remember not to add too much distillate. 1 gram is 1,000 mg. That is enough to make a lot of olive oil if you do not have a high tolerance. You can also lookup your favorite brownie or gummy recipe and make that too, the possibilities are endless! 

~ Blog is written by J. Hustle